1. monster hunter Clyde and his werewolf bride

  2. I just realised I hadn’t posted the finished scan of this!

    (It’s also available as a print in my store :3)

  3. centaurdoingyoga:

    Sketching at the coffee shop rainygay. She’s drawing Impa from Hyrule Warriors. My sketches make so little sense starting out that even I forget what they are sometimes :p can you tell?

  4. centaurdoingyoga:

    Snoring sphynx :3

  5. sometimes I draw stupid little shittles like this?!??!!!

    (half of these doofuses (doofi??) are mine, half are Rainy's).

  7. Doodle I made for Rainy’s new comic, Jesus Christ, Jared

    Rainy wrote and drew this comic (and I helped a wee bit)!  It’s complete, self-contained, 25 pages long and YOU. ALL. SHOULD. GO. READ. IT.  It includes sad purple hair, sad cute chub-chub Jared, sad gay strife and Joanna Newsom undertones (still debating with myself whether or not this part of it is sad???). TW for homophobia in many highly unsavoury flavours.  Rainy said that this comic was a highly cathartic (i.e. semi-autobiographical) endaevour and many readers have said it really hits them in a deep, deep place.  I feel the need to hug her (and many others) as I read it.

    And look, with so much sadness, I made a thing. Wee!

    Read the comic on Tapastic HERE

    I reblogged Rainy’s original tumblr post HERE (sample images, summary, etc)

  8. Unicorn-ouroboros thing …?

  9. Finished this forever ago, only just got round to scanning.

    Poor boy Tarjin marvels at the palatial family home of his future wife.

  10. OMGOMG Rainy and I will be at SPX (the Small Press Expo) this week-end with SO MUCH NEW STUFF!  We have NEW ORIGINAL COMICS and ART and it will be ace.  Seriously.  Excited to bits.  Please come see us? Pleeeeez? ::wibble::

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  11. callmewhovian said: Will there be any of Justice is Nocturnal in Baltimore?

    Yep! I’ll have the book at me table :)
    Thanks much for asking!

  12. Rainy and I will be at Baltimore Comic Con tomorrow/this week-end!  Come see us, won’t ye? :)

  13. Kill La Kill

  14. chimaera

  15. Orange is the New Black