Sweet buttery sainted pants, people, CARY ELWES IS GOING TO BE AT AWESOMECON!! … I am a longtime fan and I am TERRIBLY EXCITED to meet him, as well as to get this art of mine signed by him :D 

    I’ll have only three copies of this print (plus the original marker art) for sale at my table at Awesomecon, only on Saturday and Sunday.  This is the ONLY con I’ll be offering it at, so if you see it and like it, hurry over to table C09 in the artist alley on Saturday/Sunday and pick it up :)

  2. I coloured my tiger :)

  3. First con of the year!  And if you are thinking this’ll be a dinky local con, THINK AGAIN.  It was far bigger than expected last year and that was without such guests as, um, SEAN ASTIN, BILLY PIPER and CARY flippin ELWES.  Yer.  You don’t want to miss it, it’s going to be amazing :D More info’s here: AwesomeConDC.com

    And if you’re there, pop by my table and say hallo, won’t you? Soltian will be there as well, tabling next door to me :) I might even have some specials I’ll announce here, so stay tuned! 

    See ye there :)

  4. "Oh … Yes, this a lot nicer, isn’t it?  Next quest, let’s do it like this right from the start."

    "Don’t push it, Mr. Frodo."

  5. Another Justice Is Nocturnal WIP/update! Chapter 4 is almost done, h’omg

  6. New print for Awesomecon :)


  7. dumplingheart asked: Hey! Dunno if you remember me, but we chatted at SPX and Tigercon awhile back (we share the same Middle initial and last name!) Justice is Nocturnal's awesome! And I saw that you're heading to Awesome Con! I'll be there with Square City Comics too, hope to run into you :-D!

    Well hallo, friend!  Lovely to hear from you :)  Of course I remember you!  Your lovely Allegory of Sandwich book that I bought from you in SPX 2012 (I think?) either contributed a great deal or sealed the deal on my decision to try to table at SPX, and I’ve enjoyed running into you at cons, since :) Thank you so much for messaging me! I’m following you times a frillion and really looking forward to seeing you at Awesomecon :D (And thank you for reading JIN.  Feedback on JIN truly is the way into my heart ;w;)

  8. Keepin’ meself sane at my day job

  9. Some Justice Is Nocturnal love, tonight. Because, yes, there is a lot of love going on up there.

    I’m hard at work on chapter 4. Please stay tuned!


  10. linoondles asked: i just want to say that I love the way you color and your organic-lines style its great.

    Thank youuuu… You are sweeter than my lines are swoopy :3

  11. One of our more unusual couples, Nicodemus and Clarily.  He is a general in his home country’s air force, she is a restoration planner in hers.

    Nic belongs to Kate.

    Clarily belongs to me.

  12. I’ve added all of these prints to my store!  Click HERE if you’d like to peruse/purchase any of the above (or to see more!) :)

  14. Look at these marvelous frames/setups that kojisbiggestfan made, having purchased my Fluttershy and Rarity prints!  So pretty!  Thanks so much for sending the photos, mate :D

    If anyone reading would be interested in purchasing either of these prints, please click HERE or on either of the following;



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