1. Discord!

    I’ll be premiering this print at this year’s Bronycon :)

    (click the link for my booth info, etc)

  2. Some of the watercolour paintings/prints I will be premiering at Bronycon this year :) (click the link for my booth info, etc)

  3. centaurdoingyoga:

    Capturing Skorpion’s cute buttpet noises, yep.

    Tis ma bee-bee :3

  4. So, the aceness that is Cari managed to swing it so that Kate and I would have a table at Bronycon this year (not only that either, it is an AWESOME ENDCAP TABLE, HOLY SHEESH).  We’ll be at table 308, listed under “story of the door” in the directory.  Please come see us :)

    Thank you so much, Cari! You rool!

  5. Holy sheesh Bronycon is less than a month away and I have a really ace table and this is happening, so yes. Pony centaurs in the works.

  6. centaurdoingyoga:

    Bit of Skorp to brighten up your day. She likes bed sheets, ear-tickly though they be.

  7. Some Justice Is Nocturnal pages in the ‘rough shading’ stage

  8. Commission for Kelsey :)

  9. Watercolour commission for Lauren :)

  10. commission for Jacob :)

  11. Non-art post sry, just felt dat dis vid of mega Skorpion belly ticklage was of the utmost, kay.

    Oh yes, for those who do not know, Kate and I now have sphynx (hairless) kittens. Behold.

  12. R.I.P. Rik Mayall

  13. Commission for rydrein :)

  14. I work on Justice is Nocturnal… And I become distracted all too easily.

  15. Marker commission for my coworker, Sarah :)