1. OMGOMG Rainy and I will be at SPX (the Small Press Expo) this week-end with SO MUCH NEW STUFF!  We have NEW ORIGINAL COMICS and ART and it will be ace.  Seriously.  Excited to bits.  Please come see us? Pleeeeez? ::wibble::

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  2. callmewhovian said: Will there be any of Justice is Nocturnal in Baltimore?

    Yep! I’ll have the book at me table :)
    Thanks much for asking!

  3. Rainy and I will be at Baltimore Comic Con tomorrow/this week-end!  Come see us, won’t ye? :)

  4. Kill La Kill

  5. chimaera

  6. Orange is the New Black

  7. Preview of some of the new prints I’ll be premiering at Otakon, starting tomorrow! I’ll have original marker art for sale, too :3

  8. Sorry for the late announcement, but Kate and I shall be in Otakon’s artist alley at table U-09 (Black Sheep Studios).  Hope we see some of you lovely lot there :)


  9. insertawesomeusernamehere said: Hello there! I won't be able to attend Bronycont his year, however, a friend of mine will be and I am having him buy a print from you for me cause HOLY GUACAMOLE YOUR STYLE IS SO FANTASTIC IT MAKES ME WANNA PEE MY PANTS!! I was wondering if you would mind telling me what size prints you'll have, prices, and My Little Pony characters you'll have available. I understand you'll have the Mane 6, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Discord, but will you have anyone else? o:

    Thank you! You are most kind :).

    As to Bronycon, I’ll have prints of each of the mane six individually (reg versions and centaur), queen Chrysalis (because she is my fave), Big Mac and Discord. Most of my pony arts are tagged ‘flee mlp’ if you’d like to peruse that :) I’ll also have the original marker/pencil/watercolour art for many of them for sale.

    My prints are 8.5x11 or 11x17 and cost 6.00 and 12.00 respectively. The 8.5x 11’s are also three for 15.00 and the 11x17’s are buy 2, get 1 free.

    Will also have some buttons and bookmarks. They are 2.00 each or three for 5.00.

    My most exciting and labour intensive item, however, is going to be a Discord scarf :) Unforch, I have not gotten a chance to photograph it yet, just haven’t had the time…. Hence why I am also answering this ask so late! But thank you so much for asking :)

  10. Some non-Bronycon art for you at last. Original shite, WIP, desperately needing a break from work.

  11. fleebites:


    I’ll be premiering this print at this year’s Bronycon :)

    (click the link for my booth info, etc)

  12. Cutie Mark Crusaders!

    I’ll have prints of this available at Bronycon :)

  13. MLP centaurs :)

    I’ll have prints of these available at Bronycon!

  14. Discord!

    I’ll be premiering this print at this year’s Bronycon :)

    (click the link for my booth info, etc)

  15. Some of the watercolour paintings/prints I will be premiering at Bronycon this year :) (click the link for my booth info, etc)